“Piccoli Segreti”

Piccoli Segreti (Little secrets)

The young Italian composer and pianist Daniele Leoni releases his first album in September. It is entitled “Piccoli segreti” (little secrets) and contains 11 Piano Solo pieces which talk about youth, love and live in general.  The melodies are predominantly light and serene and add a very positive note to the album, but it does also not miss more soft and melancholic elements that invite you to dream.  
Portami via con te” (“Take me with you”)
 a soft and joyful melody flatters his sweetheart and asks her, begging to answer his prayers and to take him with her. 
Il primo bacio” (The first kiss)
Sweetly and gently and in light-heartedness  occurs the first kiss.
“Nel profondo dei tuoi occhi”
With a deep look into her eyes, he is lost… a warm melody with sparkling tones tells from the fond and tender feelings, that she awakens in him, how much she means to him and makes him happy.
During the teenager years everything is light and you feel elevated and like playing up and dancing. But at the end there appears a shade of thoughtfulness and uncertainity. Where does the road go?
Deltaplano” (Hang glider)
Floating through the air like a leaf, carried by the wind and accompanied by the clouds. Up and down, somethimes in a fast flight forward, then slowly sliding across fragrant fields and flowering meadows. 
Seduto su una nuvola” (Sitting on a cloud)
A serene journey, detached from the everyday life and without having a fixed target, simply following the path of the cloud. 
Acquerelli” (Aquarelle)
Clear tones form a delicate, multifaceted melody that invites you to dream. 
Ricordi” (Memories)
Just stop, reflect and let appear images from the past  and immerse yourself into the memories.  
Rincorrere un sogno” (To run after a dream) 
To keep on a dream, even if it always seems to slip away from you, to get up again and again if the circumstances make you stumble, but finally you have to give up on your dream yet with a gentle melancoly. 
Piccoli segreti” (Little secrets)
The title song is talking abut this and that, seemingly without going into detail,  the bright and sparkling tones leave space to your own immgination. 
Infinito” (Infinity)
A melancholic, slightly nostalgic melody, that also has serene passages and never becomes haunting. 
You can order the album here, it is also available at iTunes in a digitale version  .
Here you can read an interview with Daniele Leoni that we made for the Andrea Carri Fanclub Newsletter.  The interview is also available in Italian and German.
Daniele Leoni would be happy to get some Likes at his Facebook Seite and visits of his official  web site!
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Love, Liberty and Peace

I wrote this story about 10 years ago and since then I often was thinking of doing some drawings to illustrate my story. Lately I was thinking even more often of my story with all the sad and bad things that are going on everywhere in the world. So I started with drawing and today I can finally present you my work. By the way, there exists also an Italian version of my story,  you can read it here.

Love, Peace and Freedom One day Love, Peace and Liberty have decided to go separate ways. The world is missing much Love, Liberty and Peace,
so they were hoping to reach even more by taking different roads. So each of us can do something good at different places
instead of working together at the same place.

02 (1024x708)

Love left to visit the little Jennifer. God has told her that the little girl often was crying at night since she feels that nobody cares for her. Love noticed an infernal noise as soon as she arrived at Jennifer’s house.

03 (1024x887)

The father stayed in the kitchen and was yelling badly.



04 (948x1024)

He was rather drunken and having problems to keep himself upright, still he had enough power to throw some glasses on the kitchen floor.

05 (1000x572)

He was that drunken that Love could not even understand his babble. The mother has sat at the table and was slightly tembling and silently crying.

06 (1024x827)

The little girl was laying in bed and pulled the blanket over her head,
so that she did not have to listen to the yelling of her father. “Oh”,  thought Love, “if only Peace were with me so that it would be quieter here. But so I can not accomplish anything with my forces.” Or if at least Liberty would be here.

Together we certainly  could convince the mother to take her child and to go for shelter at the refuge for battered woman. Love stood behind the woman and stroke softly her back. For a brief moment stopped the woman her crying, but then she began to cry even harder.

07 (1024x916)

Love could not do anything for the little girl. She has tried to calm her down by singing a lullaby, but the girl was far too scared and took the blanket even tighter over her head.
08 (1024x779)
Love became very sad and noticed that her forces were fertile just at places where already was prepared a ground of liberty and peace.

09 (688x1024)

Peace was also not doing any better. She has left to visit a conflict area to bring peace to the antagonized nations. There have already been grimly battles at this region for years. There was also a battle in progress when Peace arrived.

10 (1024x854)

11 (1024x812)


14 (1024x593)

Soldats were laying at both sides of the border in funk holes, strongly determined to defend their country with arms. At one of the sides the soldats were fighting to seize the region, hoping to get it back because many years ago this area was belonging to their nation.

13 (1024x726)




12 (914x1024)

The soldats at the other side were fighting for their liberty, they  would
not become conquered and then live as a minority in another country.15 (1024x669)Peace stood at the border and was thinking what she could do. “If only Love and Liberty would be here with me! Together we surely would manage to get the nations to the round table so that we could search for an agreement.
But so I’m completely powerless. You can not spread peace in places where is neither liberty nor love.”


16 (950x1024)

Liberty has left with the target to free slaves.




17 (1024x784)


Whole families including their children have been working for rich people. They had to be available for their employers from the early morning until late at night. They did neither receive any salary nor have human accomodations.

18 (1024x940)


The slaves appeared to be rather broken-down, tired and wintry whereas the slavedrivers have been briming over with power and smugness.

19 (1024x714)



20 (1024x989)

There was not even a breeze of humanity and the atmosphere was not the tinest bit peaceful. Liberty noticed how one of the slavedrivers was kicking a tired man, trying to get him back to work!

21 (1024x805)

 22 (1024x876)

“How can I free the slaves without the help of Love and Peace?” asked the Liberty herself. “Without a spark of love the slavedrivers will never have any understanding for the poor slaves. And the slaves who never got to know the Liberty wont dare to rebel against their employers.” Liberty can exist only at places where also are peace and love.



23 (1024x708)

A short time later the Love, the Liberty and the Peace met once again to talk about the experiences that they made during their trips. They have recognized that they can reach nothing if they are working on their own. So they decided to stay together forever. They know that they can not turn the whole world into a better place, even together will they be powerless at places where hate and envyousness are reigning. But here and there they can reach something and to make the world a better place to some people at least.

Story and Illustrations by Stefanie Fünfrocken © 2015

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Fundraising campaign for “Chronos”

Regular readers of my blog know that I’m following the career of the young Italian composer and pianist Andrea Carri and that we founded him a fanclub in 2013 to help him to make his music know to an even wider public. And he really is at a good way to spread his music into the world. Last October he was in Germany for a concert, in November he was playing at the Philharmonic Theater at Lodz (Poland) and in May he will play at the Roundhouse in London!

By the way, our fanclub is also available at Facebook and after 11 months we have already 328 followers. Perhaps you will be our 329. liker? :)

Andrea published his third album “Metamorfosi” in May 2013 after he collected the budget with a fundraising campaign.  Currently is he working on his 4th album and started again a fundraising campaign to finance his new project “Chronos“.


The topics covered will be the flow of time, the past and its connection with the contemporary, the present in all its contradictions and the future, full of hope and possibilities.

You can help him by contributing to his fundraising campaign. With your contribution you will even make two flies in one clap! You are supporting an young artist and you will get beautiful rewards, for example: with a contribution of 5 € can you download the soundcheck that he registered before his performance at the Philharmonic Theater at Lodz. For a contribution of 10€ can you download his new album. Each Euro counts and helps!

Check the Musicraiser Website to get to know the other rewards and further details.

It would be great if you could share the campaign page with your friends and relatives. Thanks in advance! :)

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Broken” is the title of another beautiful song by the Italian compopser and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini.

I loved it at the first hearing and it was immediately drawing pictures in my mind. I created a drawing a few months ago and today I manage finally to write a blog about it.


The song makes me think of a broken relationship (love, friendship, work). The first pain about the loss is over. You are looking at the sherds with sadness and melancholy, considering if there possibly is a way to fix everything, you are remembering all the nice moments.

Still there are also bad memories and you know that it never again will be the same. So you are trying to accept the end and to look forward with the feeling of hope instead of looking back with regret.

This song and some other beautiful, melancholic songs are to  be found in Fabrizio Paterlini’s most recent album “The Art Of The Piano“.

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I created the following painting inspired by the song Waterways from the Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. The song is part of his latest album “In A Time Lapse“.


While I’m listening to the song I imagine to be at the Irish coast, sitting on the grass on a rock. There is the beautiful scent of fresh green grass in the air and except of the natural sounds there is nothing but silence around me. There is the just the constant whooshing sound of the sea and every now and then I hear some calls by seagulls.

I enjoy the view at the cliffs that seem to be completely covered with a green carpet.  A light breeze is playing with my hair. I watch at the soft waves which hit the coastline, clouds moving across the sky without any hurry and at the horizon I see a sailing boat that leaves itself being carried on just by the power of the waves and the wind.

Somehow I feel much like that sailing boat, all my senses are engaged to absorb the impressions of the nature and I have turned the conscious thinking and I leave myself to be carried away by these intense impressions.

By the way, my first very music inspired painting was also inspired by a song from Ludovico Einaudi: “Run

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“Aprile” (April) is the title of the most recent song by Andrea Carri. The single was released by Beplaymusic in December 2013.


I had the pleasure to design the cover for this beautiful song. In the  Andrea Carri Newsletter  of February I was talking about my work and the song:

Which theme did you represent?
Last autumn told Andrea me, that he is looking for a design of the cover for his
most recent single “Aprile”. Andrea’s grandmother has died in April and he
dedicated this song to her. The main focus of the song lies not on the feeling
of grief but rather to express that it is a closed cycle with a consequent
rebirth. So I got quickly the idea to take the tree of life (respectively world tree)
as cover image. It symbolizes the connection between earth, heaven and underworld…
the roots of the tree are sticking in the ground (earth, underworld) while the tree
is growing towards the heaven. I gave the leaves a spirally shape, the spirals stand for
the eternity. And the Pigeon is the symbol of peace and expreses the wish that the
grandmother will rest in peace. The blue color stands for longing and hope in equal

Andrea liked this idea a lot and so I started quickly to draw.

Which technique did you use?
First I was drawing the tree and the pigeon with a pencil, then I took a picutre of
the drawing and proceeded the work at the PC.  I used the programm “Gimp” for
editing the picture. I added a fog effect and was drawing the clouds. At the end
I added the textes. I created several images with different font styles and text
positions and then Andrea and me were selecting the final version.

How do you like the song?
I like it very much and it was getting my new favorite song when I was listening to it
for the first time. :) The melody is fetching, it is peacful and hopeful. The guitar sound
adds a melancholic note to the song. But generally the song does not create a sad
feeling in me, it rather gives me the feeling of serenity.

The official video is already at Youtube. Enjoy! :)

Ways to get in touch with Andrea Carri:

Visit his official website, his fanclub website or his composer fanpage at Facebook !

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Another Love

My Belgian friend who visited me last summer liked the painting that I created inspired by the song “Run” by Ludovico Einaudi. She asked me to do also a music inspired painting for her. It was quite a challenge for me because normally I first feel inspired by a song and then I start painting. This time it was reversed, my friend told me the titles of her three favorite songs and she asked me to use the colors of autumn for the painting.

Two of these songs did I not know at all, the other one did I already know through an advertising on the German TV and I liked it too. I was listening a few times to all of them until I decided to create a painting to the song “Another love” by Tom Odell.

The song inspired me to create the following scene:


A man discovered his ex girlfriend with her new partner when he was going for a walk through an autumnal parc landscape close to a lake. The falling leaves symbolize the transcience – in this case the transcience of feelings. The loving feeling has gone, during the time it was dying – much like the leaves that now are rotten and leaving the tree. The sailing boats at the horizon symbolize hope, they are moving and going ahead like life will go ahead.

I was using pastel pencils for the painting.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

I wanna take you somewhere so you know I care,
But it’s so cold and I don’t know where.
So I pick you daffodils, in a pretty string,
But they won’t flower like they did last spring

Yeah I wanna kiss you, make you feel alright,
But I’m just so tired to share my lines,
I wanna cry and I wanna love
but all my tears have been used up

On another love, another love,
All my tears have been used up,
On another love, another love,
All my tears have been used up,
On another love another love,
All my tears have been used up

And if somebody hurts you yeah I wanna fight,
But my hands been broken one too many times
So I use my voice, I’ll be so damn rude
Words they always win, but I know I’ll lose
Yeah I’ll sing a song, that’ll be just fast,
But I said them all to another heart

And I wanna cry I wanna learn to love,
But all my tears have been used up.
On another love, another love,
All my tears have been used up,
On another love, another love,
All my tears have been used up,
On another love, another love,
All my tears have been used up.

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Andrea Carri has a concert in Poland

People who visit frequently my blog, know that I follow already since some time the carrer of the young Italien pianist and composer Andrea Carri and that I publish regularly information on him.

Devoted to the music

After he had a concert in Germany last month he will now go to Poland to have a concert on November, 14th at the Philharmonic Theater in Lodz, 20/22 Narutowicza Street. We can be curious to see where his way may lead him in the future. :)

Fingers on the keyboard

Visit the following sites, if you want to learn more about him: Andrea’s official web site, his Composer Page at Facebook, our fanclub web site and / or our fanclub page at FB.

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1st Andrea Carri concert in Germany

Concert at Saarwellingen (Germany)
12th October 2013

So far I knew Andrea’s music just by listening his CD’s or by attending YouTube Stream or the SoundCloud. In his YouTube stream I did already watch some videos of live concerts and noticed that his music is even more touching if you can see him playing live. So I wished already for some time to attend one his concerts.

 Then the idea to have a concert in Germany was fairly quickly born after we founded the fanclub. Andrea wanted to come to Germany to give a concert for the members of his fanclub, it would have been fine for him to play just for a group of few people. But we wanted to give him the chance to make his music known to a wider public.

 So I started to search for a suitable location and found one at Saarwellingen. The culture centrale of the commune provided us the “Kulturtreff Altes Rathaus”. A beautiful pianoforte was belonging to this location. Andrea arrived in Germany together with Francesco and Fabio, Francesco accompanies him during all of his Piano Solo concerts. Fabio assists them by installing the equipment. Andrea’s parents came also to Germany to take part of his first concert outside of Italy.

konzert01 konzert02
Fabio and Franceso Andrea’s parents

After the period of organisation and a few unscheduled happenings (like my stay in the hospital during the week of the concert) all of the tension was gone and I felt just a great joy of anticipation.


The artists met at 17 h at the location “Altes Rathaus” to install everything and to have a soundcheck. We joined them at 18:30 h to put the chairs and tables in order and to prepare some more things for the concert. We presented a guest book to Andrea, which he can also take along to his future concerts. We put it together with the newsletterlists, the CD’s and merchandise products on a special table.

konzert04 konzert05

Quote in the guestbook:

He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

(St. Francis of Assisi)

The guests arrived bit by bit and the tension was rising again.


Finally the show started shortly after 20 h! Andrea appeared at the stage and took place at the pianoforte and soon the first piano tones were filling the room. He opened the concert with the song “Strade” from his album “Metamorfosi”. I devoted myself completely to the music from this moment and so it is now difficult for me to give you a formal describtion of the rest of the concert. Of course I knew already most of the songs and had the melodies in my mind. But played live they had an even more intense effect on me. They were going under the skin and straight to my heart. A few times Andrea left the piano to speak in the microphone, telling a few words about the next song. Then he returned to the pianoforte and quickly he was again completely immerged in the black and white keys to release lots of emotions in us. Andrea played songs from all albums, a few new songs, an improvisation and a medley. The time was passing by far too quickly but we could easily convience him to give an encore.

konzert07 konzert08

After the concert all people involved received a fanclub cup filled with Halloren candys (from the oldest German chocolate factory) as thank you-gift from the fanclub. Here ended the official part of the concert. Now Andrea was available to talk to the guests and to give autographs and many guests took the chance to buy a CD with a personal dedication and they told him their opinons on the concert verbally and / or by doing an entry in the guest book. We all agreed, that we had a wonderful evening, and we are looking forward to repeat it as soon as possible!

konzert09 konzert10
Andrea, Francesco and me

Even at the day after I’m still feeling the influences from the concert.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Andrea!

Stefanie Fünfrocken

PS: Per gli amici italiani esiste una versione italiana del racconto!

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The pianist

You may already know that I love piano music and that I find it very inspirational, especially the Modern Classical-, New Age- and Piano solo music. This kind of music is rather peaceful and soothing and has a relaxing effect on me, furthermore it inspires me to dream and it pushes my creativity.

I admire the composers and pianists who know so well to express themselves by composing beautiful melodies and to create special atmospheres and feelings with their music. They are drawing images to our mind by using the black and white keys of their piano.

So I tried to express my admiration for them by drawing and of course I was chosing Andrea Carri as model. ;) People who visit my blog regularly know that we even founded a fanclub for the young Italian composer and pianist .


In my painting I wanted to capture his concentration and dedication to the music while he is playing.

The painting is made with Aquarell pencils. The original painting is in black-white tones. I took a picture of it and then I was overworking it with my graphics programm (Gimp). So I was redrawing the contours and shadows and last but not least I added a colored background (plasma effect).

Here the same painting in black-white tones:


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